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Maryam :D

try to make me frown,baby, because you actually can't. half past 18. do i really have a clear view on my future?
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Friday, September 24, 2010 1:08 AM
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They blew me away.

Its just never stop.

I had a great night.

"oh it feels like the first time, everytime"
- Amazed, Lonestar.

Why? : There was a surprise birthday party in advance for me held few hours ago. xD

See my tears of joy? :')

Happy birthday to me in advance! I am touched :) and not to mention HUNGRY! they made me waited for hours and I believed the " pranksters' " reasons for real. But it was worth the wait after all :)

Guest list: Tengku Izzati, Raja Zakiyy, Husna Faizal, Maryah Rahmat,Ummi Johan, Aryana Grace Lia, Wan Sya,Iftikhar Ahmad, Nabihan Nordin, Noorsyafiq Aziz, Rahimi Zulasmin, Jack Wan Sparrau, Umar Al-Faruq, Muhd Irfan, Adrin An
uar, Arif Haziq, Shah Hafiz, Teddx Nasril,Haizeel Bin Hashnan, Haireey Hashnan, Mohd Ayai, Fitri Amron, Muhd Asyraf, Paanto Marcello, and Izham Adly Mohd Sofi.

:D Thank you guys! I don't know any words to replace 'thank you' to express my gratitude towards this event.

The mastermind :) Thanks Nia and Raja Zakiyy!
Thank you for everything!

Look what they gave me as my birthday in advance present! :D
I'm very thankful and I really really like it! :)
Good luck on your Japanese Language For Beginners Final Exam!

"Birthday birthday jugak...boyfriend ni jangan lupa."
I always remember you lah! Sorry lah I was a bit busy, dear boyfie.

I'll make up to you, sorrysorry. :'(

p/s : Wish me luck for Korean Language For Beginners Final Exam!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 1:55 PM
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Nuff said.
Dealing The Impudent Nuisance
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