Hold On Tight.

Maryam :D

try to make me frown,baby, because you actually can't. half past 18. do i really have a clear view on my future?
scream out loud

gone with the wind

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you're on your way

Saturday, January 31, 2009 8:22 PM
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Bottle It Up.

I had a dream last night,

a dream when there was me and you,and them.

they told me u had other affairs going on. yeah that's what I think when I'm out of my mind.

but I believe in you all along okay. ;)

back to the dream,you came to the class bringing a dainty girl,yeah she looks naive

and you held her hands,baby yes you did.

and so the other day,you're late to the class. you looked at me,in the eye,just like u used to,your eyes said that they were loving me,instead of giving you an apology,I ran..........

& that was the last dream on earth that I want to dream of.

I'm sorry for dreaming like this,I miss you very much,probably.

oh yesterday I went to the "abandon" house. the robbers acted like they were lepas geram bcs our house didn't
looked very messy but obviously there was a trace of robbery.

and while I was peeing,my sweet handphone fell into the mangkuk tndas.LOL no no the time it felt I haven't peed yet :P thanked God she's fine now.

keys off ladies,
gotta do my thing.lots of kain need to be fold ;)
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:44 PM
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When Stranger Breaks In.
YES,somebody went into our house and took the SONY tv away.
well that's not really awful. The saddest part is that they punggah semua barang in the drawers. yes,the are pencuri. or perompak? eh?
LOL. btw,it's the other house in Sungai Petani. luckily we don't reside there la.

the other thing is that,

yesterday,I received an invitation.

It says "jemputan ke reunion ex-star-as 04-08 smk tunku abdul rahman"
yes,my mum laughed bcs we hold such an ocassion
but its better aite to keep in touch ;)
I'm looking foward to the event!
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4:40 PM
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Come here Baby,Don't Ever Look Back.
Can't get my hands off the cookie jar.

today was quite BORING!yes yes.waiting for JPJ test.
helping my mum,hmm am I helping much tho?
I woke up late. like really late.
I'm trying my best to be a BETTER daughter.damn I keep saying that since forever(?) daa~
hee and while I was smsing with the boy he suddenly went off. Idk whats wrong with me.Suddenly I kept calling him all over again.yeah baby,actually I always do that okay. haish maryam,maryam when are you going to change? puffh okay then he won't answer my calls,thought he was asleep.
then I kept calling. I know I know. Probably someone thinks that I should give him spaces.
hmm? hey maybe!
there goes the thinking bulb.
then at 4pm ++ finally there's an answer!
but weird sounds coming from the call like a ghost waving2 around.
creepy. LOL!
a msg came in "tgh bwk motor"
then another one- "i was at the shop searching for car bumper.stop calling me byk2 kali"

I am dissapointed in myself


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Monday, January 26, 2009 12:02 AM
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Meaningless Fireworks.
Have you ever needed something so bad you can't sleep at night?

CNY fireworks ? everywhere! but it's not the same without you.
even though we never celebrate it together in
person,but sms-ing you is the best I guess :(
I miss you soo much. but hey doesn't mean that we have to proceed to form six together aite.
both of us are interested in different fields. I
'm not sure if we could be in the same university.
hmm. but how is your mom? weird I'm talking to this blog. Hope you are reading this,luqman.

AND btw based on my horoscopes, it says t

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)Libra

Today it's a good time to contemplate a recent conflict you had with a friend.

yeah rite! what recent conflict I had with a friend? :)
none. imma peace maker okayy.
I don't usually call a particular person a BITCH unless I was being really really really really MAD MAD MAD!
oh yeah recently I fell. lebam :P

baby baby when are you coming back? i miss you.

yes pretty boy. we were meant for each other do we?

no please don't lemme hear the sound of fireworks!bingit :'((

idk why ppl like edward cullen so much?perhaps I'm blind ;)

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Monday, January 19, 2009 3:44 PM
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Close your eyes baby
look at this!

blog readability test

jgn percaya :P
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3:23 PM
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Super Super Wicked
It's over. Practice session.
It's over now.
QTI on the way!
am I ready?
am I?
haaaaahhh :((
takot.hari nie,last practice still kena marah okayy :(
brake jaga masa selekoh.
tekan minyak bile perlu.
tukar gear bila lajuuu :S
dunno what else to say.
i'm full of perasaan takut.
thanks to lily,for believing in my ability.
yes,I have to put my strength and faith in what I can do!
Thanks for every single words you say.
keep saying it! I need you.
haha. :)

-currently,i'm in love with my myspace status.
Television M-QTI on the way. pray to Allah it won't be too soon.
yes,I need to feel like I'm ready.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009 2:59 PM
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Hensem kan? :)

Nothing much to say
since we left school,there is one thing that always lingers in my mind,
I Miss YOU,
yes,i'm solitary now,but i'm still with him
byk couples yg dr sekolah now dah break.
and we don't
praying that we will last.

-to Muhd Luqman AbdulRasyid bin Rafiee.
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12:57 PM
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hm bukit? selalu mati engine! :P
tomorrow? last 2-hours of practice lesson!
esok last?
lepastu test?
kinda hard to believe it bcs I seems lack of confident that I can drive.
I'm sick of kena marah with uncle :P
hehe parking?
I deleted the steps which I SMSes to luqman.
okay list down
1 : stop kat garisan
2 : lepas clutch pelan2 n smpai line depan tu
3 : tekan clutch rapat,gear reverse then reverse until nmpk tiang kat hujung cermin.STOP.
4 : pusing kiri smpai habis,reverse until nampak 4 tiang.
5 : pusing kanan 2x. bg tiang sama dgn side mirror kiri.
6 : pusing kanan smpai habis,tgk tayar bg masuk line. angkat tgn.
7 : masuk gear 1. jln smpai side miror kiri sma dgn tiang no.1.
8 : pusing kiri 3x. then walk in 3 penjuru.

1 : sblm nak masuk pusing kanan satu pusingan
2 : setengah petak pusing kanan cpt2 smpai hbs
3 : stop,pusing kiri smpai hbs.
4 : reverse gear. reverse until nak dkt dgn tiang belakang.stop
5 : pusing kanan smpai hbs. JALAN! :P

ilmu baru ada 3 laluan.
1st : jalan pergi sekolah rendah mergong ke ape tah, xegt :P
2nd : Shahab Perdana (ada u-turn)
3rd : SMKTAR.(u-turn included)
semua ada laluan sekolah. masuk line kuning 30 km/s
haih sakit tgn pusing stereng.
eh,if tak betul,correct me k guys ;)
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Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:41 PM
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now it is.
thanks luqman.

Kick This yaww!
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Thursday, January 8, 2009 2:51 PM
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Is it just me?
It seems like everybody getting older n older. except me.
I even bug in when he's in his business.
I just can't seem to lose him any seconds.
Is it just me,just immature?
screaming out loud!
am I really am blindly jealous?
am I?
do I sound like it?
can somebody understand me?

if don't come and hug me tightly,and tell me its gonna be okay.
tell me that through rain or shine,you will be with me.
and its gonna be okay.
tell me its gonna be okay.
how situation you are in,tell me that I am always in your heart.
Tell me that.
All I want to hear is that?
Don't you get it?
Can't u figure that out?
Please do,before I turn myself to a maniac.
and I can't seem to get over you after this.
its okay if u don't understand. just tell me those words I asked you too.
I maybe sound demanding but the fact is I'm not.
please try to understand.

please ;'(
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12:13 AM
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When Will You Be My FRIEND?
A Friend.
A Friend.
A True Friend.
Is that too much I'm asking?

Friend 1/lover1 : how was ur day?
Friend 2/Lover2 : GREAT :)

the best is.
Friend 1 : hows ur day?
Friend 2 :great! i been to this and that.and then theres a person doing this n that.funny! u should have seen it syg! :P hhaha

however it is, friends,stick with me,will ya? :)
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 12:09 PM
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Duty Calls

Loadz of stuff happened in the past,
make me wonder...why I never thought of having my own blog?
I should express it in a good way,I suppose.I should have done so.
some of sweet memories just pass by,and keeps washing away from my brain
idk why,everyday i can't seem to remember those memories
I even forget how to edit pictures and all that. =,='

Is there any song to describe this feeling?
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Sunday, January 4, 2009 11:38 PM
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what to wear
esok pergi sekolah anta buku teks.
ahh ape nak pakai?
having a dilemma.
haha :)
better sleep early,
or i will look hideous tomorrow :P
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Saturday, January 3, 2009 11:49 PM
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more maryum
haha its back to school time!
duh teringat pulak,kalau mase cuti n nak start sekolah,the nite before mmg x boleh tido!
then when its time to go,lg 5minutes nak smpai sekolah,suddenly there were butterflies in the stomach. usually this phenomemon happens when I want to face a guy or getting on the stage.
duh,teringat la pulak form3 control assembly :P suara perlahan dude,tp all of those peeps down there didn't BOO me :) which was cool.
haha. ahh panda eyes. since hbs spm ni,gila online :(
lol that explains kan.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009 1:03 AM
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hey but i'm not going
this candy below,he's going.

16 Jun- 5 September 2009.siri ke3.
he's hoping he get studies offer,
hmm mmg pun time mcm tue org masuk universiti n stuff.
but i'm not holding to the hope too much
there's no grip to hold on.
i'm afraid honey
kat sane,byk yg bebas
do activities with girls
pergi memane,like rumah kebajikan,
3 months. its true that like when we see another person,and they quite attractive
they stick to ur mind,but just for a moment,kdg2 xsmpai satu hari,but your loved ones,stick forever kan.the point is,when there's no gf u can rely on,u can remember to,like 3months,jmpe hari2.anything possible would happen within that moment.i'm afraid,i am truly afraid of losing you.
i said to myself,chill,you need to trust him
but bile tgk batch one kali ni...hah,lebih bertambah lagi risau2 tu.
i miss this guy in this uniform,this SCHOOL uniform!

yg nie sebijik mcm the first time i met him

just masa tu,he's like selalu tdo dkt atas kerusi belakang class sbb letih main football i guess ;)
but i do miss him when die boleh balik awal sbb ade football practice eventhough masa tu we doesnt talk to each other.
anyway,i love you :D

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