Hold On Tight.

Maryam :D

try to make me frown,baby, because you actually can't. half past 18. do i really have a clear view on my future?
scream out loud

gone with the wind

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Friday, March 27, 2009 9:01 PM
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Happy yet Sensitive
I almost cried seeing this picture on Muzzammil's friendster :

Yamaha,baby. LC biru dah di chop :)

Mr Bright Smile,ily ;)

nice shots. what a wonderful friends you have

I can see you trough the side mirror ;)

we shifted to many classes,after classes ;) i guess this is the last time of that memorable year we had.

i miss going to classes together,
saying goodbyes every day
you'll hold my books when it looks like a heavy burden.-even sometimes i was just pretending yet u've spoiled me a lot ;)


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:48 PM
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Nabilah kissed me through her blog (:
It took me quite a long time to finish this. the bad habit thing is true :P

Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results and post it as your answers.After that tag 7 people .



pls2 take me there :)





when i searched for maryam,this came out. my nickname is maryam for real :P








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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:11 AM
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Look At What They Instill Us
Sometimes I feel like sneaking out,rolling here and there having time of my life.LOL
and see what they got us into?
we even misses McD a lot!
right darlings?
ouh what a crave!

so its time to step back and think this,
can we still make a change? omg,very obama-ish :P

what about the PPSMI deal?
demo on the road?
do they even know how students actually felt?
weird when we suddenly in the mood of changing the languange,feeling the motion of scientific world-wide language,they started to change us back to where we belong.
oh did I just mention change,change,change?
haha :)

ok another thing is One In A Million on 8tv.
I don't think most of the contestant understand the pure english ex-rock star judge,Paul Moss is saying.daa! their faces look blur and empty when he says something.
I'm sorry I have no right in judging them,but this is just what I can observe.
making experiments while leisure times. (:
I don't understand why I have to watch the show anyway (?)
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Monday, March 9, 2009 8:22 AM
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Treat Or Trick
Its been so fast,living on a fast track-I can't seem to get through it.
12 March is 'the day' we've been waiting for. =_='
most of us being afraid to face the fact,same goes to me.
Haish,I'm really afraid to face the day,some afraid they'll pass out and some afraid of crying.
Past years,I'm sure most of us got lucky in Big Days like this. I never been exposed to failures,B's and lower grades through results days(public examination,of course).I'm the one who had UPSR and PMR results with no sobbing moments.I'm afraid I might cry,involuntarily as I always cry when I don't want to.

But being positive is IMPORTANT!

10 A's 10 A's !InsyaALLAH!

Amin (:
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Thursday, March 5, 2009 7:19 PM
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Can I still,able to type?

webcam maniac. :)

eys here but my fingers doesn't seems to type any words that I need to.
I wonder why. hey,writing is my thing. I used to write without full stops.
I'm losing my mind.ouh maybe its bcs of the results.
that's right,
wake up calls everyone! ding!
hmm,i've been driving here and there. mostly to alor star mall,haha the closest spots for sure.
:P a lot been going on lately,actually. one of the thing is my obsession with cupcakes.I know it probably sounds lame.hihi whatever but i'm still trying. the first one was A-okay. but the second project seems to be lack of everything,u name it-moisture,butter,icing.
yea of course i bought "
Cupcake Creations" just like ikyn did. but the piping doesn't works.
why eh?talking about driving,I finally managed to overcome my nervous. I drove to jitra which took half an hour to get.It was the day when everyone had fun in the sun,old members of STAR bringing their girlfriends.okay so we rent the private island on the lake and had lunch there. It was great,sweaty and hungry waiting for the lunch.*ok sedap gila nasik ayam merah tu* haha it was 60++ people attended the reunion activities. okay enuf with the old story okay. :)

and being a housewife is tiring. there even a lot of task than i've ever imagined. sometimes I skipped and spends my day at the couch. :)

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